So I didn't have any puppies for 2 months and then I was able to get 2 from the Breeder I have been working with for almost a year .I was only expecting to get 2 more right around the 20th but plans changed and I'm getting 2 more.
I found 4 homes for all four of them and they will all be coming to my house to pick up their little "Fur-Babies"
Everyone is so excited and can't wait for their little bundle of joy to arrive.
   I'm  excited to be getting them but just a little sad because I know that they will be going home within days of receiving them and I just love little puppy kisses when I wake up in the morning.
   After that it will be months before I have any Toy Pomeranians for Sale again.In the mean time I will be pre-screening people as usual,looking for good homes where the TEACUP TOY POMERANIAN PUPPY will be number one and will get the attention and time it deserves. I have found that the best homes are people who are retired, have a stay at home wife,people who work from home,also people who can take the puppy to work (a laid back type) or a home where there is always someone home and the whole family is apart of the up-bringing of the puppy.
   If you are considering   getting a puppy and you work 8 hours a day it probably isn't the right time to bring a baby home with you.TOY POMERANIAN PUPPY'S take a lot of time when they are 2 months old and can not be left home alone for eight hours or left home and be checked on when you come home for lunch.It's best to wait until your life allows the time for a baby
I am so pleased to announce that around the 5th I will have two available one of which is already spoken for and then on the 15th I have another 2 that will be ready.It's been so long since I've had any puppies available, I'm excited.
TOY POMERANIAN PUPPY (MOONSHINE) in the morning,just kickin it with momma!

TOY POMERANIAN PUPPY Potty Training examples(read below for explanations)

Double-decker Play-pen on top and adjustable Playpen for inside or outside

Potty Training

So, I get a lot of questions from my clientele about training,and of course I have a lot of advise on training.Puppy's are just like babies.They have no control over their bladder because their muscles haven't developed yet.So yelling and being mean to babies is not the way to go because they have no control.But TOY POMERANIANS PUPPY'S are very intelligent and can pick up quick on potty training,in other words they are a re quick study ,but because of those under developed muscles mistakes WILL HAPPEN! So, be nice make sure you  take them from their bedroom straight outside without them touching the floor and put them on a potty pad or the grass in your backyard, wait for them to go potty and then give them a high vale treat and say your command word before they go and and after words while handing them the treat.For example, "Good boy! Tinkles outside" That way when they have have a mistake inside you say, "bad boy NO Tinkles in the house" and then put them outside and say "Tinkles outside" and leave them outside for 3 minutes.Not any longer because they will forget why they are out there and being taken away from you is a bad enough punishment. You will find that if you pick them up after a mistake and are saying "bad boy" and spank them they may become hesitant to come to you because they will remember the spanking. And you wouldn't spank a baby for going to the bathroom,the same goes for PUPPY'S.
   They sell belly bands that your TOY POMERANIAN PUPPY can wear around the house while HOUSE TRAINING. They are very  affordable and will save you a lot of time scrubbing and save your carpet from pet. Then all you have to do is wash the belly band keep your baby outside while it is in the dryer if you don't trust it. Make sure they have toys, a bed or kennel to go into while they are outside as well as food and water. Every time you let them outside tell them,"Tinkles outside or poo poo's outside" and when they do it make a big fuss about it "yay, you went Tinkles outside,good     boy,yay"Then hand them a treat. After a while they will learn that going to the bathroom is much better then going inside. 
   During the night time as small puppy's they should have a puppy play pen that is large enough for a bed, food and water and a place to go to the bathroom.They have double-decker playpens and I have included a example of the one I use in this blog for your convenience . I have found that "Revival Animal Health " has the best prices online for this.They usually go for over $200.00 but with this website they are about $130.00.They are well worth the money while your baby can't hold it through the night. I put a blanket over the top during naps and bed time and they might cry for a few minutes but then they quiet down and go to sleep.I include a nice fluffy stuffed animal like a dog to comfort them as well.Inside these they have everything they need.Now if they are getting older  say 4 months old and they still can't hold it through the night you can go to a smaller kennel.One that is comfy with lots of blankets a pillow or a bed designed to go inside a smaller kennel and have them sleep in there. Now they are forced to hold it for 6-7 hours. Take the water away from them an hour before bed and make sure they go potty right before bed.In the morning if you TOY POMERANIAN PUPPY  has to go pee he or she will wake you up.It is important that they are in the room with you so you do get up take them straight from their bed outside and of course use your command words and treat them for being so good for notifying you and going outside. I use the double-decker playpen if I have to go to the gym but you will find that after using the smaller one they will hold their potty even though they can go in the bigger one so, make sure you let them outside first thing!
   I hope this has been of some help.Oh, and if there is a spot in the house your TOY POMERANIAN PUPPY has chosen inside the house to go, put a potty pad there that way you don't have to clean a spot every time they have a mistake.


Who says TOY POMERANIANS are afraid of the water?

I have found that if TOY POMERANIAN PUPPYS are exposed to the water around 2 months of age,they love the water! Here is a picture of "Moonshine" at the beach for the first time in the water as the waves pull back!I thought he would be afraid but he wasn't! So there goes the myth that all small dogs are afraid of everything!. My best advise is to expose them to everything as puppies. Children,water,sounds, lots of different sounds. If you don't they live in a perfect bubble and when confronted with something new they will be afraid of it even the sound of silverware or the sound of gum bubbles popping.So take them in the car,take them to the beach (once they have had all their shots) and you will have a well adjusted Pomeranian puppy.
Happy Training !

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"Just enjoying my own pond and having a BLAST!"
From Mary

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"Jester","Cash","Space-Cowboy" and "Fancy" will all be coming soon.I am pre-screening for them now.The Sizes will range from 5-7 lbs full grown approx