So I didn't have any puppies for 2 months and then I was able to get 2 from the Breeder I have been working with for almost a year .I was only expecting to get 2 more right around the 20th but plans changed and I'm getting 2 more.
I found 4 homes for all four of them and they will all be coming to my house to pick up their little "Fur-Babies"
Everyone is so excited and can't wait for their little bundle of joy to arrive.
   I'm  excited to be getting them but just a little sad because I know that they will be going home within days of receiving them and I just love little puppy kisses when I wake up in the morning.
   After that it will be months before I have any Toy Pomeranians for Sale again.In the mean time I will be pre-screening people as usual,looking for good homes where the TEACUP TOY POMERANIAN PUPPY will be number one and will get the attention and time it deserves. I have found that the best homes are people who are retired, have a stay at home wife,people who work from home,also people who can take the puppy to work (a laid back type) or a home where there is always someone home and the whole family is apart of the up-bringing of the puppy.
   If you are considering   getting a puppy and you work 8 hours a day it probably isn't the right time to bring a baby home with you.TOY POMERANIAN PUPPY'S take a lot of time when they are 2 months old and can not be left home alone for eight hours or left home and be checked on when you come home for lunch.It's best to wait until your life allows the time for a baby