"Jester","Cash","Space-Cowboy" and "Fancy" will all be coming soon.I am pre-screening for them now.The Sizes will range from 5-7 lbs full grown approx

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I went ahead and put together a example of all the types of bags that are available for you POMERANIAN PUPPY and you!

So the first thing you are looking for is a bag that represents both you and your TOY POMERANIAN.Is your PUPPY a boy or girl?
The Top Red one was the first DOGGY PURSE/BAG I purchased for my little Joker(read about and see him on my history). I found it in a little shop back in 2005 and it was priced at $125.00;now at that time that was a lot of money to spend on a DOGGY BAG/PURSE for your TOY POMERANIAN,but I found that the color was neutral and also was perfect for me as a individual and fit my personal style.The best thing about this purse/bag was that it really looks like a woman's purse and it rolls down on one side with mesh on the bottom for easy breathing and on the other-side it was all mesh .It had a golden clasp that you can make out on the picture, that when turned opened the purse from the top.Well,that purse took "Joker" EVERYWHERE with me and he,being a TOY POMERANIAN was happy and content to jump right in when he saw me putting my shoes on because he knew we were going on a trip and he didn't have to stay behind! Even to this day that purse is usable and even though I spent a lot of money it was the quality,versatility,accessibility and style that made it such a wonderful bag.My only recommendation today looking back on it would be that if this is the kind of DOGGY/BAG-PURSE for your POMERANIAN PUPPY, I would highly recommend trying to find it online and not in a specialty store(if possible), to avoid the 100% mark-up.
Now instead of spending $125 they are over $200.00!!!
But again, remember if you spend a little more than you think is right on this type of item it's probably the right pick because the cheeeper one will fall apart on you.Believe me, it's happened to me going after making a bad purchase a one of  the big PET STORES that have CARRY BAGS and PURSES for ANIMALS.
   OK,so the red one is not your type.

I found the Orange one (made by AARGO)that has Mesh all around that is not see through and looks like a gym bag.It has many pockets for you to put your things and your POMERANIAN PUPPY'S things.
The one in the middle is brown and black by ;Boots and Barkley has reflective  strips that opens on either side and is great for a summer day with all the mesh and last I have the all black one by: AMERICAN TOURIST which is the one on the far bottom right. It looks like your typical gym bag,it opens from the top and both sides and like the BOOTS AND BARKLEY BAG is suitable for male or female and if need be,very concealable.
   All  the bags are airport compliant but the last the last three also come with  long strap to hook around the headrest in your car to keep you POMERANIAN PUPPY safe in their seat when you are driving in the car.I recommend that you buy at least one of these bags to complement a fashionable purse like the red one that I loved so much and used a thousand times over. I have actually been in an accident and luckily, being the responsible dog owner and dog lover that I am they were all safe in their SEAT-BELTED DOGGY/PURSE/BAG.


I  hope this has opened your eyes to whats available out there and you understand that their are many factors to take into consideration when picking your "Fur-Babies" CARRY BAG.
Don't  be CHEEP when it comes to your  TOY POMERANIAN PUPPIES life and your fashion sense and needs.Heed my warning or you will spend more money in the long run on cheep bags falling apart on you!

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Good morning everyone! Ranger is just waking up up and was prompt to go potty outside as quick as possible and then run into tinkle on the potty pad lol....Why not just go outside Ranger? Funny,Revolver did the oppisite yesterday.They are so funny!