Who says TOY POMERANIANS are afraid of the water?

I have found that if TOY POMERANIAN PUPPYS are exposed to the water around 2 months of age,they love the water! Here is a picture of "Moonshine" at the beach for the first time in the water as the waves pull back!I thought he would be afraid but he wasn't! So there goes the myth that all small dogs are afraid of everything!. My best advise is to expose them to everything as puppies. Children,water,sounds, lots of different sounds. If you don't they live in a perfect bubble and when confronted with something new they will be afraid of it even the sound of silverware or the sound of gum bubbles popping.So take them in the car,take them to the beach (once they have had all their shots) and you will have a well adjusted Pomeranian puppy.
Happy Training !

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