Alright, so I've been getting a lot of questions about what products I would recommend.So, I went ahead and made a collaboration of Hair Products for Toy Pomeranians,Brushes,Shampoo's and Toy's. Scroll down to see photo of all products.
For Shampoo I use Natures Miracle The Shampoo in the line I use is the Gentle Formula for puppies and Dog's with sensitive skin.It has Pro-Lifting Enzymes that help with odor lifting.It also is has Protein Conditioning Complex and helps with dander control.In addition I use the complementing  Protein Conditioner for Nourishing and De-tangling(leaving conditioner in for three minutes to penetrate the hair shaft .For the face I recommend a tearless sensitive shampoo and if possible try to find it made with oatmeal since oatmeal is PH Balancing and gentle to TOY POMERANIAN'S sensitive hair.
Next is the actual De-tangling. I put on after I take them out of the bath and towel dry them.Viva La Spa has a nice Grooming Spritz that I have found and comes in several sense's .If you are like me, I go above and beyond and spoil my dog with a line that is from my hair salon called ENJOY they have both the shine and smooth or if you want to kick it up a notch the Hair and Skin treatment oil is an excellent choice as it nourishes not only the hair but the skin as well and locks in the moisture.
For Brushes I like to use Boar Bristle flat or even round brushes.These are found in the human and not the dog section,lol.Also, a brush with both long and short bristles are great because the long plastic pieces with the balls at the end grab the tangle and the short bristles help keep the dog comfortable while you are brushing out hard to get knots.
Toy's hard plastic that is not left in the sun and can not be broken down by the Pomeranian puppy or dog.That also goes for their plushy toy's;the moment they break down throw them out or your TOY POMERANIAN will be eating small bits of fabric or plastic that could possibly lead to cuts in the digestive tract..
So, there you go! Tomorrow I have a collection of purses and bags to share with you to give you an idea of the large selection available to you!

Goodnight everyone in computer land,


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